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We need hard working, self-motivated, a biology major or similar, good team motivator, 21 or older to help us with our sea turtle protection program here in Montezuma, Costa Rica.
You will get to live in one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Costa Rica.
Romelia Sea Turtles Conservation Project conducted since 2009 has as a primary goal the conservation of SEA TURTLE populations that nest on the beaches of this wildlife sanctuary in Montezuma, Costa Rica. The project includes activities as; monitoring of nesting sea turtles females, night patrols, activities of protection and monitoring of the nests.

The lands at Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Romelia exudes in beauty. It is beachfront, bathed by rolling Pacific Ocean waves, guarded by iconic sea stacks and inland nurtured by peaceful rivers and tranquil waterfalls. It is one of the peninsula’s last bastions of pristine wilderness.
During your internship, you will get to enjoy the rainy season, which not only give you the opportunity of getting involved in the protection protocols of the nesting and hatchling of sea-turtles. You will also be able to experience different species; frogs as they emerge and sing. Most common ones are the big bullfrog (Leptodactylus Savage), the beautiful “red eye frog” (Agalygnis callydrias). Monkeys play a big role hauler monkeys (Alloutta palliata) and white face monkey Cebus capuchins, plus numerous kinds of birds as you stroll through our grounds.The night is a good time to spot bats and other mammals as they start their activity.
Romelia is a great place to enjoy and experience wildlife.

The RNVS only 30 minutes away from one of the most picturesque beach town in Costa Rica, Montezuma. Filled with cute little stores and good rest

* Pristine Beautiful beaches
* Waterfalls
* Lush nature
* Wildlife at every corner
* Nearest town is Montezuma, 3km away walking on beach 45 min
* Rustic settings
* Running drinkable water
* No electricity
* Beautiful tropical forest

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