The town of Montezuma

Montezuma is cozy and colorful little town by the ocean, this town used to be a port to embark hogs and plantain to the city, this type of commerce ended with the arrival of the big infestation of SIGATOCA a lethal disease for all bananas, leaving the town in misery. For many years, Montezuma was a no-were town, and only the brave remained to live there.
Years later, this beautiful end of the peninsula was discovered by adventurous foreigners who decided to settle there life here “Nicholas Wessenberg and KarenĀ  Mogensen”, later Albert S. Ingalls III and Gitza GattiĀ  and with them arrived a whole crew of costarican adventurous tourist, who started to give this towns economy a shift.

Now days Montezuma is a well know backpackers paradise and in the past years those not so adventures have felt the need to come see this tip of the country.

Filled with tiny hotels and extravagant restaurants, this bohemian town has won lots of peoples hearts, many of them had chosen to stay here forever, others, like seasonal birds visit us every summer.

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